We also organise various events during the year (bonfires, pub evenings and meat pie sales). There are exercise classes at Høvikfjellet and a sports club. Hiking is great in the summer and winter with several ski lodges. Here you can find suggestions of other activities you can participate in.


Norway is known for its breathtaking scenery that truly sets it apart from many other European destinations, and Aure is no exception.

You can follow marked hiking trails or plan excursions on your own. We recommend a trip on Hovik mountain with great views of the fairway. There you get a panoramic view of the island municipalities Hitra, Smøla and surrounding archipelago and further south, the wild mountains of Tustna in Aure.


Vinsternesvatnet is a large freshwater lake not far from the campsite. Here it is nice to have a little evening stroll.

We also recommend a trip to Imarbu. It has a cabin run by the Norwegian Trekking Association.

Around the island are also many fine beaches and sheltered bays, where you can enjoy yourselves around a campfire or take a swim during hot days.

Day trips

Within a few hours' drive from Nothaugen, you can find some of Norway's most awe-inspiring sights and views.

The deep blue UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord,  the national tourist route The Atlantic Road, the mountain roads of Aursjøvegen and Trollstigen, Mardal waterfall, Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National park, Innerdalen valley, known as one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in Norway.


Scuba diving

nothaugen scuba

The waters off the long coastline of Norway are certainly not a warm, tropical environment. Despite that we can offer some fantastic conditions for diving.

At our marina there are three types of boats you can hire and at the floating jetties we have facilities for both gas and air filling.

Sea fishing

You can enjoy sea fishing all year. The summer months are the prime season, and both locals and visitors make the most of warmer temperatures and light evenings. The most common of the Norwegian fish species you can catch at Nothaugen are: Cod, flounder and other flatfish, haddock, mackerel, halibut, wolffish, sea trout, coalfish or saithe, ling, tusk, hake, plaice and others.

Read more about sea fishing and our boats


nothaugen hunting

Aure's wide variety of natural habitats supports an abundant fauna and offers opportunities for many different kinds of hunting. All small-game and wild reindeer hunting on state-owned common land is reserved for persons who have resided in Norway for the past year and are still resident. However, anyone, including non-resident foreign nationals, may apply for permits to hunt elk, red deer, roe deer and beaver.


Inland fishing

nothaugen fishing

In Aure you will find some truly unique fishing and outdoor adventures. Trout fishing in the mighty mountains or the boreal forest will present you many lakes some small rivers to fish for trout.

As a visitor you are granted the same rights as all Norwegians, including ”the freedom to roam”. Meaning that the government and private landowners welcome you to travel on their land without further permission.

Wildlife & nature

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The wildlife of Norway includes both diverse flora and fauna. The native plants and animals are adapted to the geography and climate of northwestern Europe. The habitats include high mountains, rivers, lakes, wetlands, boreal – and decidious forests, sea coast and cultivated land. The flora is very varied and a large range of mammals, birds (many migratory), fish and invertebrate species live here, as well as a few species of reptiles and amphibian.

Aure attractions

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Aure is a fascinating coastal district that includes a modern commercial centre with a wide variety of services.

Other attractions: Aure church • Lurvika, an old trading post • Aursundet - beautiful branch of the fjord • Foldfjordstraumen - a strong saltwater current • Aquaculture museum • Jutulholet – a large rock cave • German battery from World War II • and more
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