Our facilities at Nothaugen close to the ocean, combined with its surrounding archipelago, offer fantastic opportunities for all kinds of sea fishing. 

Sea fishing

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You can enjoy sea fishing all year. The summer months are the prime season, and both locals and visitors make the most of warmer temperatures and light evenings

The most common of the Norwegian fish species you can catch at Nothaugen are: Cod, flounder and other flatfish, haddock, mackerel, halibut, wolffish, sea trout, coalfish or saithe, ling, tusk, hake, plaice and others.

Types of fishing
  • Hunting for the biggest specimen of different species
  • Species fishing
  • Surfcasting
  • Surfcasting
  • Catch and release
The app "Recreational fishing"

An app called «Fritidsfiske» (language versions include English and Russian) has everything you need to know about fishing in Norway, with tips on rules and regulations, equipment, and minimum sizes.

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 Fish processing house 

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Right on the pier, near our boats, we have a great place for filleting. 

We have large freezer boxes which our overnight guests can use to freeze and store fish until they return home.


Boat Rental

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We can offer boats for rent in three different sizes of sturdy and seaworthy aluminium Kværnø Boats, from 17 feet to 21 feet, with Yamaha outboard engines from 40 to 100 horsepower.

All of our 24 boats are equipped with fishing rod holders, modern GPS, chart plotters and echo sounders.

  • Boat type 1: 15 feet, 20 hp (1)
  • Boat type 2: 15+ feet, 30 hp (2)
  • Boat type 3: 17 feet, 40 hp (2)
  • Boat type 4: 19 feet, 50 hp (13)
  • Boat type 5: 21 feet, 100 hp (7)

Laminated sea charts, life jackets, gafa, landing net, 2 fish boxes, bucket, safe (various accessories) are included in the rent. We will also ensure that you refuel yourself at our petrol station if necessary by paying with payment cards. Initially, you will receive a boat with filled fuel tanks. When returning the boat, both tanks must be filled.

When renting the boat we need / you will have to bring:
  • Valid passport / ID.
  • The responsible person / boat driver is communicative in English or Norwegian.
  • Boatmaster's license for those born after 1980. Those born before 1980. who do not have a master's license require appropriate experience / knowledge.
  • Lease agreement, passenger list and safety report form. You will receive them on arrival.
  • Payment card (Visa / Mastercard). We will reserve NOK 10,000 on your credit card to cover any losses. Please make sure your credit card is valid in Norway before arrival.


See all our prices for camping services, boat rentals and cabin rentals.


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Follow this link for more information of our marina

Safety at sea

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Follow the rules of the sea, and make sure you know what they are. Think safety at all times. Respect the sea and the weather. Wear life jackets or other flotation devices.

Make sure you are rested and sober. Be considerate, and remember that safety, the environment, and the well-being of everybody is a common responsibility.

Read about how to stay safe